Twitter Break

This is my 20th day of taking a break from Twitter. Initially, I just want to log out from my account and restrained myself from any active participation on Twitter, from tweeting, retweeting, or even liking any post temporarily. But then on the 7th day of September, I decided to deactivate my Twitter completely. I don’t know how long I will be hiatus from the microblogging site, but at least for now, I still hesitate from active engagement from Twitter

The reason was very personal. I think I have drowned too deep with Twitter, so deep that it’s so intoxicating. My head was so occupied with checking my timeline, newsfeed, liking the trending post, or regularly speaking out my views towards the recent issues. Using twitter excessively has shortened my attention span to the extent of I cannot fully comprehend long readings efficiently.

To be honest, my life was getting better without Twitter. My attention span is getting longer. I managed to read more books and spent more quality time with my son and my wife. I did more house chores.

Indeed I lost the benefits of getting exposed to trending information quickly from Twitter, but heck, Twitter is not the only source of information. And with so many people and bots or buzzers chirping so many issues intensely, Twitter has became so saturated.

I don’t know when will I return to Twitter. But, since Twitter has 30-days policy, I probably will log in to my Twitter before 30 days simply to prevent the removal of my account completely.

I think I will try to go back to write a journal in WordPress in exchange of my hiatus from Twitter. I need to practice my writing. Leaving school in 5 months really deteriorated my writing skills.

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