5 Things I Wish I Would Have Done in College

To be clear, this post is not intended to jot down the regrets. I believe I had a great time in college and I love it.My 3.4 years of study in International Relations Department of Universitas Gadjah Mada have shaped me to be who I am today and I’m grateful enough for that.

But, if only, only and if only, I could turn back the time, I wish I would have done these things in college

1. Achieved better GPA

Frankly, my GPA is not that bad. But it’s not good enough to pass major universities requirements of master degree. The minimum GPA for most universities is 3.7 and mine is below that level.

If only I knew how important it is, I would have worked harder to obtain better GPA.

2. Took Economics courses

This one is still related to previous point. Some major universities require their prospectus students to have macroeconomics and microeconomics on their study transcript. As someone who avoid economic classes, this is my biggest regrets as I already lose my chance to study in some of my dream universities.

If only I did some research on Master Degree’s requirements, I would have taken those econs courses.

3. Sneaked in to other faculty’s classes

Looking back to my transcript, I noticed that I never take non-IR courses (except for the one from sociology/social welfare department, in which I took it simply just to get an A. What a pathetic purpose, In knew :P).

This is such an opportunity cost as I would have learned so many different issues and understand it from different perspectives. Let’s say, I could have taken public policy courses or strategic communication courses to understand how the policy is formulated and how to appropriately communicate a policy, which are quite significant for my job now.

4. Participated in any business case competitions

In a world where entrepreneurs and start-ups are so glorified today, I think it is still important to grasp basic understanding how’s the business are running.

I could have done it by joining some business case competitions back then in college, but I didn’t. I was too conservative in learning International Politics and refrain myself from business issue. Darn it.

5. Took a short break after graduation

Looking back in time, I realized that I never really indulge myself with a deserved break.

Long before I graduated, I already worked as research assistant in campus’ think tank. After I graduated, I was still working for the think tank while waiting my first job offer. Two months later, I received some offers and moved to Jakarta and began my career.

It was not actually cool to directly work after you graduated. I should have spent the gap between graduation and starting a job by going somewhere for vacation. Or just by taking a short break, simply for rejuvenation and self-actualization. But, I didn’t.

When you already hired to work, it’s more difficult for you to have free time and indulge yourself.

For those of you who still waiting time for graduation, please consider to go for vacation or backpacking rather than ambitiously applying for jobs. It’s worth to do.




  1. haha.. what a thoughts.. regrets always come at the end, right? i think i should add those into my bucket list.
    untuk nomor 3 kayaknya susah dijaman sekarang, mengingat program kuliah itu sudah paket, jadi gak mungkin sneaked into other faculty.
    And believe me, we are eastern culture. nomor 5 itu kalo kelamaan libur pasti udah diomelin orang tua, “Kapan Kerja?!” 😀

    nice writing, btw..

  2. Halo mas, salam kenal 😀

    I know that this is your personal thoughts and might not all be applied to everyone (at least to me). That’s why I actually disagree with some of the ideas. But let’s not maka a mountain of a molehill.
    So, here I am actually wondering about the 1st and 2nd point. Are those issues real? Like 3,7 GPA for the minimum req to continue your master degree? In which university is that actually?

    Thanks in advance, Mas.

    1. Hai Farriz. Salam kenal juga and thank you for sharing your concerns.

      Yes, those issues are real for some major universities. For instance, minimum GPA of 3.7 is required in LSE, Oxford, Cambridge. While economic courses are prerequisite for campus like Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Tufts, etc.
      Just check their website.

  3. Hi kak,
    Maaf mau nanya pertanyaan yang agak di luar topik.
    Jadi aku jurusan Sastra Belanda, kalau nanti Kemlu buka penerimaan diplomat, kira-kira bisa daftar gak ya?
    Apa cuma harus bener-bener lulusan dari sastra yang diminta?

    Thank you.

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